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Industrial 3D printing to face production challenges in Nigeria

Nigeria has a sizable number of industrial companies that use heavy machinery in sectors such as manufacturing, Oil and Gas, medical, and transportation. Due to the nature of their operations, these companies need to constantly maintain the equipment and ensure optimal production uptime.

Some of the challenges faced by such companies include downtime and revenue losses due to delays that sometimes occur when ordering parts from OEMs, unavailability of parts due to the obsolescence of certain equipment, and an inability to customize parts to support their operations and improve performance.

A webinar dedicated localized manufacturing in West Africa

Early in January, Roboze announced a new partnership with RusselSmith, a leading provider of integrated energy services, that is taking the lead in making industrial 3D printing available in Nigeria and building the foundation for a digital supply chain in West Africa. This partnership will enable local industries to manufacture non-metallic high-performance components which will be used in a variety of areas across the energy sector.

We're excited to talk about this strategic topic with Kayode Adeleke, CEO of RusselSmith, one of the leading adopters and experts in the world of additive manufacturing applied to the Energy sector.

Download the webinar, relax and get ready to #PrintStrongLikeMetal!


Arash Shadravan

Roboze Global Energy Business Development Director

Kayode Adeleke

RusselSmith CEO