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We are the new way to transform bits into atoms

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Our Scope

We help innovators throughout the world transform their ideas into components and projects that affect our daily lives in sectors requiring extraordinary performance. Roboze 3D printing technology for super polymers and composites helps manufacturing companies worldwide create a more efficient production process to develop cutting-edge products. Through our technology, we have helped thousands of companies in over 25 countries produce in an efficient and customized way. Together, with our customers and partners, we are at the forefront of a new industrial revolution. One that is sustainable and future oriented. 

Alessio Lorusso

Roboze CEO & Founder

We are at the beginning of a new stage in our evolution, as humans and as entrepreneurs. We are at the threshold of a new way of producing innovation: the only way forward is towards a sustainable future for all. We can change our design and production strategies, put the rational use of resources first, and use technology in favor of generations to come, leaving them with a healthy, fair, and printed environment on a human scale. We can increase our value by producing close to the place of use, for example, by eliminating the gap between how we design and where we use it. It is a virtuous change of course and it is the only possible answer to the question: what will tomorrow be like?
At Roboze, we are already doing it.

Our Values

We believe that technological progress is an expression of human progress, but as human beings the value of the person is at the center of everything. Our people design 3D printing technology that helps innovators create a new future of manufacturing on a global scale. We are creating a new world where efficiency meets sustainability, where people focus on big ideas and projects to bring value back into the domain, developing the next generation of talented engineers and economists to create the world of tomorrow.

Headquarters EMEA

Bari, Italy

Customer Development Center

Milano, Italy

Headquarters US

Houston, United States of America