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Dreamers over night, engineers all day long

Our values

  • Approach

    For us, approach and aptitude are more important than experience and curriculum. We solve complex engineering problems. The approach and aptitude for problem solving lead us to achieve results that are impossible to achieve by applying only mathematical formulas or complex algorithms.

  • Culture of Feedback

    We collaborate every day with the awareness of sharing a difficult goal, for the most impossible, challenging companies much larger than us. We do it with ethics, responsibility and the pursuit of excellence. We share information and feedback between us in total transparency, aiming at the total growth of each person.

  • Customers first

    We always wonder what our typical customer would think. Our customers expect the best from us from every point of view. The customer is not always right, but it is the only thing that really matters. Our customers determine who we were, who we are and who we will become.

  • All stars team

    Roboze is the result of a stimulating, extremely challenging environment aimed at the total growth of the individual. We are not an easy place to work. We are not a family. We are not an ordinary company. We are not for everyone. This is all we are not. Are you ready to find out what we could be together instead?

  • Time was yesterday

    Our culture is result-oriented thanks to talent combined with hard work - all at the speed of light. We compete to be the best at what we do. We don't have time to do what we do by taking the right time. The right time, for us, is always "yesterday".

  • Think and fail big

    Every place, every time is the right one to think, share, experiment and fail. Standing still and waiting is not allowed, not taking risks is not allowed. We need to fail miserably in order to better enjoy the moment when we have found the solution.

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