3D Printing materials

The highest performing super polymers and composites in the world

Carbon PEEK

Roboze CARBON PEEK is considered the highest performing 3D printing super polymer in the entire industry. To the well-known characteristics of PEEK, it adds greater thermal stability and stiffness. The addition of carbon fibers dramatically increases the mechanical properties of the component produced, eliminating the gap with traditional manufacturing techniques.

carbon peek

Roboze PEEK is a semi-crystalline super polymer that combines excellent mechanical characteristics with incredible thermal and chemical resistance properties, used in extreme applications where electrical insulation, high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction are also required.


Roboze Carbon PA is undoubtedly one of the 3D printing materials with the highest mechanical performance. This is a carbon fiber reinforced polyamide. It is ideal for mechanical applications and, due to its high tensile modulus, is the perfect candidate for replacing light metal alloys.

carbon pa

Polyetherimide falls into the category of high performance technopolymers as it has very particular chemical-physical characteristics that include resistance to hydrolysis and acid solutions, advanced thermal performance maintaining high operating temperatures, and therefore, the ability to withstand repeated cycles in an autoclave, plus mechanical properties of absolute importance. Certified for aerospace.

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Roboze PEKK (polyetherketoneketone) is an optimized formulation that allows you to easily print super-performing parts, characterized by flame retardant properties, high thermo-mechanical properties combined with excellent chemical resistance. It is UL 94 V-0 classified.

PEKK 3D printing material

Roboze ToolingX CF is a carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material. It is lightweight and has  exceptional thermal stability, chemical resistance, and is inherently self-extinguishing.

Thermoplastic composite material ToolingX CF

Roboze Bio-based PA, filled with natural fibers, was born from the combination of Roboze's commitment to develop high-performance eco-sustainable products with reduced environmental impact. It is an ideal engineering polymer for the production of tools and equipment that accelerates the achievement of manufacturing companies' sustainability goals while contributing to a positive future for the planet.

3D Printed part with PABioBased

MATRIX is a composite material that combines polyamide with chopped carbon fibers, offering printed parts with an excellent surface finish. The printed parts have good mechanical properties and reasonable flexibility.

MATRIX - Carbon fiber reinforced polyamide composite for excellent 3D printing

Explore Roboze's range of advanced materials for Hypermelt Technology. The materials are designed to deliver exceptional performance and precision, offering a wide range of options suitable for various industries and applications. Discover more about the unique characteristics and capabilities of Roboze Hypermelt technology, designed to take your 3D printing projects to the next level.

Other materials

Flex-TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane. A material with characteristics of flexibility, used for multiple applications such as gaskets, anti-vibration mounts or sheaths. Compared to other elastomers, ROBOZE FLEX TPU guarantees a higher continuous use temperature (248°F/120 ° C), greater chemical resistance, with good resistance to wear, abrasion and impact.

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PP PRO, polypropylene, is the most widely used commodity polymer, especially in applications for everyday objects and automotive components - thanks to its characteristics of high resistance to shocks, abrasion, chemical agents and excellent electrical insulating properties.

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Resistant to mechanical loads, Functional-NYLON cannot be easily attacked by organic compounds due to its chemical resistance. The high tenacity together with the resistance to aging make this material perfect for the metalworking sector.

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Roboze Strong-ABS is a stabilized ABS blend with excellent mechanical properties. Recommended for prototyping and production of functional components, also subjected to mechanical tests.

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Roboze Ultra-PLA filament is a technical material for high definition components. Composed of a blend of loaded PLA, it is ideal for printing prototypes and small series that need definition and surface quality.

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