Roboze Technological Ecosystem

Speed, accuracy, process control and super materials

Unmatched accuracy and print repeatability

Accurate and repeatable parts

By eliminating the rubber belts typically used in the sector and introducing a patented mechatronic movement with gears, called Roboze Beltless System, the Roboze 3D printing technology aligns with the typical kinematics of industrial machine tools, bringing 3D printing to a level of accuracy and repeatability of printed components never seen before.

Industrial automation meets 3D printing. We have created the Roboze Automate technology ecosystem, which finally brings 3D printing on par with conventional methods such as CNC machining and injection molding, in terms of consistency, repeatability and process control, perfectly integrating into the production workflow of manufacturing companies and positioning itself as a solution for custom manufacturing.

The mechanical properties and dimensional tolerance of the parts produced pass from perfect temperature management throughout the process. The thermal fusion of the layers is the result of extrusion temperatures up to 842°F (450°C), inside a working chamber heated up to 356°F (180°C), in order to guarantee the perfect fusion of the layers with a dramatic increase in the mechanical properties of the components products.

Total process control and analysis

Production workflow

Roboze 3D printing technology has been designed to integrate into the production workflow of manufacturing companies, communicating with other machines within the production lines and managing the process almost completely remotely, reducing manual operations, integrating remote communication and display systems data for analysis and control of the printing process.

Roboze 3D printers are equipped with systems and technologies based on mechatronics, pneumatics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and advanced sensors in order to offer a completely automatic, repeatable and reliable process over time. Everything has been designed to bring 3D printing into the new era of industrial production of customized medium batches, reducing time and costs for manufacturing companies around the world.

Thanks to the industrial automation with B&R PLC and remote and predictive maintenance modules, as well as analysis and control, Roboze 3D printers offer a total remote monitoring level, reducing intervention times and continuously guaranteeing the highest level of productivity. All the operations and process parameters are also stored, thus certifying every single part produced.

Super polymers and composites

The era of metal replacement has begun

We study and design our super materials in technological partnerships with some of the major industry leaders in the world such as Solvay. We believe that the performances achieved today by super polymers and composites offer the possibility of producing end-use parts, replacing metals, and creating a circular economy model, where the raw material continues to regenerate itself through constant recycling.

Our expression of uniqueness

Additive manufacturing according to Roboze

Every choice we make is based on scientific and engineering assumptions and we do not leave the quality of the results of our solutions to chance. Raising temperatures in an additive manufacturing system is not enough. Each element is integrated into our technological ecosystem to meet the one and only need of companies in the world: to produce functional finished parts in a reliable way, with high quality standards and in full flexibility, autonomy and process control.