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Beltless system - patented

We have changed the rules of the game, bringing mechanical precision to the FFF 3D printing technology.

To do this it was necessary to rethink everything, starting from the most important aspect. The kinematics of the axes.

By eliminating the belts, and introducing a direct mechatronic movement of the X and Y axes entrusted to hardened steel rack and pinion, we have finally introduced real work precision. How can we say precise a movement that relies on rubber belts, subject by their very nature to problems of various kinds including deformation, repeatability of movement, wear and tear, the need for continuous calibrations? It can’t be done.

In a typically direct handling system such as the Beltless system from Roboze, the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the movements is ensured by the gear teeth, in our case the helical gear also ensures smoothness of movement, quietness and positioning precision equal to 1µ inch (0.025 mm).

Forget the straps. It's in the past!

Beltless System detail


Designed and manufactured by Roboze, the HVP (High Viscosity Polymers) extruder represents an engineering jewel deriving from the knowledge and quality of the Roboze R&D department and the capabilities of the CNC machines present in the Roboze plant.

The HVP Roboze extruder has a narrowing in the internal extrusion channel which allows to accelerate the speed of high viscosity polymers during the extrusion process. Moreover, together with the achievement of the optimal temperature, it reduces its viscosity and controls the swelling phenomenon, increasing the printing speed of such polymers as PEEK.

The result is an absolutely unbeatable print quality in the engineering of plastic materials such as PEEK, with impressive precisions and incredible mechanical properties.

Roboze HVP Extruder detail

Material Engineering

We recognize the importance of obtaining functional prints for every type of application. Thanks to strategic scientific-technological partnerships our R&D team is able to design perfect solutions to obtain excellent results. Our main goal is to make our offer versatile and accessible to our end customers.

Plastic materials engineering

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Roboze One Xtreme

  • Regenerated Beltless System
  • Even more precise
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Desktop/Production solutions

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