Roboze Distributed Manufacturing is the new production and logistics model that brings 3D printing to the world of customized manufacturing.

We want to connect demand with supply, creating a distributed production model, which allows us to produce avoiding waste, reducing shipments, reducing CO2 emissions and bringing production back to the point of use.

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  • Costs and Time Reduction

    Produce customized batches, just in time and on demand, reducing warehouse stocks, cutting production costs and times.

  • Parts Certification

    Certify each single part produced, thanks to the complete record tracking of all parameters and conditions used during the process.

  • Unmatched Repeatability

    Produce parts with unmatched accuracy, speed and repeatability with the fully integrated Roboze Automate technology ecosystem.

  • Performance of materials

    Produce functional components suitable for use in extreme applications with high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance.

  • Engineering support

    Roboze materials scientists and application engineers support your team to optimize materials and geometries and get the most out of them.

  • Flexiblility and Scalability

    Use Roboze 3D printers in your company or rely on the Roboze 3D Parts network for the production of your parts.