Roboze at the Aerospace & Defense Meetings Torino 2023

27 November 2023

The aerospace and defense sector is always looking for innovative solutions and advanced technologies to address complex challenges. In this context, Roboze's participation in the Aerospace & Defense Meetings Torino 2023 represents a significant moment aimed at redefining the panorama of technologies used in these crucial sectors.

Roboze is a cutting-edge industrial 3D printing company with an established reputation for providing advanced and reliable solutions. Participation in the next event in Turin demonstrates Roboze's ongoing commitment to innovation and offering cutting-edge technologies to meet the specific needs of the aerospace and defense industry.

Roboze industrial 3D printers offer a series of advantages that distinguish them in the competitive landscape of the sector. One of the main strengths is represented by the ability to print with high-performance thermoplastic materials, allowing the production of critical components with superior characteristics compared to traditional methods.

1.    High Performance Materials: Roboze is known for its ability to print with advanced materials, such as PEEK, ULTEM™ and carbon fiber composites, which offer exceptional thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance. These materials are crucial in the aerospace and defense industry, where the durability, weight and reliability of the components are crucial;

2.    Precision and detail: Roboze industrial 3D printers are designed to offer extreme precision and repeatability of prints. This is crucial when it comes to creating complex, high-precision components required in the aerospace and defense industries;

3.    Reduced Cost and Production Time: By using Roboze's industrial 3D printers, companies can reduce production costs and speed up delivery times. 3D printing allows complex components to be made in a single manufacturing step, eliminating the need for assembling multiple parts. Furthermore, the creation of digital warehouses increases the cost optimization of companies in the sector.

Applications are many and include the production of finished components, lightweight but robust structural parts, rapid prototyping of new designs and the customization of critical parts.

Roboze's participation in the Aerospace & Defense Meetings Torino 2023 aims to show the potential of the advanced industrial 3D printers offered by the company. With high-performance materials and unmatched precision, come discover how you can meet challenges and embrace innovation.

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