"Speed up the future": the Poggipolini Manifesto that embraces the Roboze vision giving rise to a new Partnership

Roboze presents a new partnership to support Poggipolini Spa with the “Factory of the Future” project. The collaboration will focus on the development of new materials and 3D printed parts, dedicated to the aerospace, defense and new mobility sectors.

Roboze technological solutions meet additive design

The partnership will aim at accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing systems dedicated to Metal Replacement, from engineering to industrialization, thanks to a combination of competences between Roboze, research and development in the industrial field with advanced technological solutions, and Poggipolini, among the first in Italy to offer additive design and post processing services.

This partnership will allow us since today to work together and start developing project that we will carry out with the first manufacturing system, Roboze ARGO 500.

says Michele Poggipolini, CEO of the family company and national member of the Confindustria’s General Council, as well as President of the Group of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Emilia.

A new technological frontier for the aerospace, defense and motorsport sectors

ARGO 500 is among the most adopted 3D printers by those companies operating in regulated sectors like aerospace, defense, energy and motorsport, with a wide range of super polymers and composite materials, capable to replace metal parts in numerous applications with extreme conditions.

I am really excited about this technological partnership with Poggipolini. With Michele, we have suddenly understood that we could do something great together, by merging the competences of the two companies. I strongly believe that combination of know-how can help industrial companies in the adoption of intelligent technologies for the creation of lightweight structural components in cutting-edge applications such as aerospace, motorsport and the autonomous driving and flying taxis sector. Together, Roboze and Poggipolini will manage to meet the engineering and production needs of these sectors.

says Alessio Lorusso, Founder and CEO of Roboze

Our experience will be a critical factor for the development of the objectives of Poggipolini Spa's Factory of the Future in the industrialization of complex and sophisticated parts.

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