Roboze, design and production leader in additive manufacturing systems for the aeronautics, manufacturing, space and defense industries, announces today that it is partnering with SCEI 3D, innovations distributor

headquartered in Paris. SCEI 3D will introduce Roboze to their service solutions for French customers and SMEs.

SCEI 3D is a distribution company that leads numerous projects in the field of composite materials and offers a wide range of products and solutions in the aeronautics and space and defense sectors. With over 80 years of experience, SCEI has built a reputation on its commitment and practical involvement in pioneering projects, such as the development of the "flying" materials product line for the aviation industry, including the Nomex ™ honeycomb of Euro-Composites.

“The demand in the aerospace market – but not only, oil & gas, luxury, medical, automotive - requires high performance printers that are able to print high temperature thermoplastics  with the possibility to print with their own materials or materials coming from another supplier (“opened-source” printer). Collaborating with Roboze is the answer! With Roboze One, Roboze One+400 and now Argo 500, SCEI is proud to markets and propose prototyping services and end use parts with a wide range of materials including PEEK, ULTEM 9085, Carbon PA and others” says Emmanuel Vernet, from SCEI 3D. 

Roboze is committed to the development of additive manufacturing solutions in the production of functional parts with high performance materials such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK and Ultem ™ AM8095F. These super-polymers replace metal parts, and exhibit mechanical, chemical and thermal properties that are more similar to metal performance than that of plastics all while maintaining the lightness and workability characteristics of polymers, all critical factors for SCEI 3D’s focus sectors.

International leaders in the aerospace, military, automotive and manufacturing industry, trust Roboze for its high-performance solutions, reduction in production costs, and optimized cycle time for their end users.

"The aeronautical and space sector is recognized as a hub of economic excellence and innovation in France. France has become one of the strongest players in Europe with the most extensive aerospace skills from research to final assembly. I am confident that Roboze solutions will help the aeronautical and space sectors achieve further significant success in terms of research and production. Having a partner in SCEI 3D, with their skills, reputation and know-how can only accelerate the dissemination of features and innovative products to meet the current and future production needs of our customers," says Alessio Lorusso, CEO & Founder, Roboze.

SCEI 3D and Roboze will participate at JEC World 2018, 6-8 March, Paris, at booth Q39 in Hall 5A. JEC World has become the largest international show dedicated to composite materials.

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