Roboze and Industry 4.0, the transformation of industrial manufacturing

14 December 2020

The Roboze CEO's speech at the event on innovative technologies applied to industry 4.0

The virtual event organized by UNIDO ITPO Italy with the support of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, aims at creating important connections and facilitating the path towards Industry 4.0 for developing Countries. An opportunity for discussion to make the most of the potential of innovation and sharing in order to build strategic partnerships.

Researchers, startups, and international players will participate to learn about the opportunities and advantages of Industry 4.0, illustrated by digital entrepreneurs like Alessio Lorusso, CEO at Roboze, who will tell his vision about a new production model linked to the innovations offered by Roboze 3D printing solutions.

Sharing the Supply Chain 4.0 model and describing the entire Roboze ecosystem will be a stimulating opportunity to shed light on the most interesting aspects of the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, analyzing the challenges that can be overcome through the use of these new production systems.

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