Roboze awarded as a promoter of worldwide innovation

The Edison Awards is a competition that rewards excellence in the innovation of new products and services. With particular attention to both innovators and innovations; the winners are chosen for their "revolutionary" nature according to four criteria: concept, value, delivery, and impact.

We are honored to be on the podium in the "Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation" category of the 2021 Edison Awards which identified the Roboze 3D Parts network as a source of inspiration for the innovators of the future and a promoter of cutting-edge technology.

Roboze 3D Parts is a network of specialized centers that aims to help companies reduce costs and time by shortening the steps in the supply chain, digitizing inventory, producing components on demand, and delivering them locally, with the most precise 3D printing technology in the world for composite materials and super polymers.

The network supports the new Roboze Distributed Manufacturing production model which aims to connect supply and demand by bringing production back to the point of use with consequent advantages in economic, social, territorial, and environmental terms.

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