Prometheus: the Roboze software that accelerates your workflow

Prometheus is a custom software designed for users of Roboze 3D printers. The technology developed allows you to optimize the established workflow, making the same consumable regardless of your level of expertise.

User Interface and User Experience focused on Service Design

Service Design is solving problems and designing with no limitations. We are not just talking about users, but about stakeholders, businesses and processes, people and tools. Our experience has led us to embrace the need of our customers, therefore, the new generation of Roboze 3D printing software is oriented towards simplicity and performance. The home page guarantees in a few clicks the selection of the platform, the material of interest, and the tip related to the preferred printing method.

The print profiles are already preloaded and validated to obtain the best performance from the 3D printer and the printing material. In this way, parameters are already pre-set and the user will simply need to select the print geometry and proceed to slicing and creating the Gcode file, all within a few minutes.

Prometheus: get the best out of your Roboze 3D printer

The Production series of Roboze 3D Printers provides a large volume of work through their medium to large print beds. Therefore, many users decide to take advantage of the print size to arrange multiple parts on the table in a single production cycle. Prometheus allows you to multiply parts quickly by arranging them in the right way or simply lets you load multiple diverse parts in a matter of seconds. This tool is most used by printers who prefer to shorten downtime and parallelize their print workflow.

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