On May 25th, the scientific conference "Additive Manufacturing in the industrial sector: digitalization, sustainability and customization" will be held during the online event, SPS Digital Days 2021. This provides an opportunity for discussion, where several sessions will be held focusing on technological insights like Additive Manufacturing, Robotics & Mechanics, Digital & Software and Advanced Automation.

During the event, Roboze and B&R will pool their skills to show how industrial automation applied to 3D printing enhances wider production opportunities in support of the new local manufacturing distribution model promoted by Roboze. The result translates into a new way of producing with the consequent generation of economic, territorial, social, and environmental advantages.

To take full advantage of 3D printing, control must be guaranteed, along with quality standards, repeatability, and complete integration into the production system that is interconnected with the company workflow. This allows total management of the process with control of all variables involved to record, analyze, and monitor data of each individual print, seamlessly flowing into the rest of the factory and production order.

Join our session and find out how the adoption of an advanced industrial control system, in addition to performance and maximum reliability, guarantees additive manufacturing extreme scalability and flexibility in terms of both hardware and software.

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