HR Sustainability Policies: our challenge, our future

At Roboze, it is essential that sustainability is a goal and a challenge shared by the entire team for the future that we are building together.

The 3D printing technology we have developed allows us to promote a new production model - Roboze Distributed Manufacturing - where production is decentralized and takes place close to the consumer. But before any development and business plan, this is the vision that every single human resource within Roboze adheres and supports in their daily lives, inside and outside the working environment.

HR social and environmental policies in Roboze

In this sense, Roboze promotes virtuous behavior and social and environmental responsibility that immediately involve our collaborators. For example, we prefer traveling by train to traveling by plane and we use compostable materials and therefore ecological solutions. Furthermore, the Roboze Research and Development department has launched a Circular Economy project to give new life to waste materials from processed or obsolete printed parts.

Sustainable work: digital technologies’ opportunities and smart working

The green economy and the advent of digital technology offer us different opportunities to reconfigure the Human Resources processes. This allows a focus on how the value dimension and consistency with respect to the issue of sustainability significantly impact:

  • engagement;
  • initial choices;
  • the performance of management teams;
  • wellbeing in general.

We see these choices creating positive changes in the different modes that we reach our workplace, the choice of our workspaces, and in turn, in the well-being of each employee.

We are in favor, for example, of smart working. We see it as a tool that allows us to overcome new challenges and create opportunities that were previously hidden behind the fear of change. Working simultaneously, having the ability to communicate, share, learn and collaborate even if not from the same place, makes us more agile, scalable and resilient for the future business we are building day after day.

Corporate sustainability as competitive advantage

We are extremely convinced that the issue of corporate sustainability represents one of the main elements of competitive advantage on which to work, both with respect to the business strategy and the people strategy.

To drive growth and competitive differentiation in an ever-greener perspective, Roboze invests and focuses on building a smart and digital work environment that is not limited by time and physical place. Our commitment starts and is built by every single Robozer and translates into 3D printing solutions at the service of environmental sustainability at 360°.

We are looking for new talents who embrace our vision and who support us towards change with competence and responsibility: if you recognize yourself in this vision, do not hesitate to contact us.

Discover the open positions by clicking here. We can't wait to meet you!

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