Elmec 3D starts a partnership with Roboze

27 November 2018

Get ready for the Open Day organized by Elmec 3D and  Roboze. This event will give you the chance to discover the best ways to prototype and produce functional parts with a level of accuracy absolutely comparable with the injection molding.

Elmec 3D is the Xtreme3DParts partner in the North of Italy. Xtreme3DParts is the only global network of Additive Manufacturing Centers for the production of on-demand parts in superpolymers for extreme applications. The Open Day, dedicated to companies and SMEs, will be held on Wednesday Nov 28th, from 10am, at Laboratorio Elmec 3D, in via Campo dei Fiori 5, at Brunello (VA). In order to join the event, companies can register at https://www.elmec.com/3d/DiscoveringRoboze/


Technology and expertise: these are the advantages that Xtreme3DParts can offer to companies and SME’s, that will have the possibility to reduce printing failure, producing components definitely more accurate than other FFF technologies on the market. What we want to do is providing a technology that is able to produce 3D components for metal replacement with extreme precision, reliability and sustainability, guaranteeing significant savings in terms of production and money.
Xtreme3DParts produces on demand components – just in time - locally.
Please do contact us for further information.

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