ARGO 1000: Welcome to the new era of customized manufacturing

After years of specializing in super polymers and high-temperature composites, we are excited to continue leading the future of industrial 3D printing by introducing our flagship Production Series solution, the ARGO 1000.

The ARGO 1000 can produce parts up to one cubic meter (nearly 40 inches by 40 inches by 40 inches) and radically transforms the way industries like aerospace, energy, transportation, MedTech, and automotive can manufacture an increased number of lightweight components while maintaining superior quality.

By using more sustainable, high-performance super polymers and composites such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK and ULTEM ™ AM9085F, our goal is to reduce current pressures on global supply chains by rapidly replacing metal parts and critical components for extreme applications.
The ARGO 1000 will be available for commercial distribution in 2022. For more information CLICK HERE!

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