Alessio Lorusso Discusses the 3D Printing Marketplace and Building Houston into a Global 3D Printing Hub

In an episode of the Small Biz Insider Podcast, Roboze founder and CEO Alessio Lorusso is interviewed by Maggie Martin of the Greater Houston Partnership. The Small Biz Insider Podcast highlights entrepreneurs in the greater Houston region who continue to make a big impact within the small business community.

In this episode, Alessio and Maggie share with listeners the vast opportunities of additive manufacturing and discuss:

  • Ways additive manufacturing has changed the landscape of traditional production;
  • Roboze’s contribution to the growth of a circular economy;
  • Why bringing Roboze to Houston was the right move;
  • What is Roboze Automate?;
  • Tips for entrepreneurs and how Roboze will help lead the way to make Houston a key city for industrial 3D printing worldwide.

With Roboze Automate, we wanted to unify the workflow and introduce 3D printing technology to the production process of our customers. Today our machines communicate with other CNC or injection molding machines. We are bringing additive manufacturing production to the same level of traditional production. This is very important because we don’t think that 3D printing is going to replace other technologies, but it is going to be integrated... our technology needed to communicate with other technologies and this is what we did with Roboze Automate. We have integrated technology communications with an industrial automation standard.

As technology continues to advance, industrial 3D printing continues to change the landscape of traditional manufacturing with innovations like Roboze Automate. This technology allows the seamless integration of 3D printing technology into the production workflow. As a result, customized design of end-use parts is enhanced with on-demand production when and where they are needed with accurate and repeatable results. 

To learn more about Roboze and industrial 3D printing, listen to the full episode of the Small Biz Insider Podcast here.

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