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Roboze and Immensa dreaming a stronger commercial ecosystem

Roboze and Immensa have established a partnership aimed at accelerating the production and supply of customized non-metallic components on demand and locally in the MENA region.

But how do distributed manufacturing and enabling technologies, such as Roboze 3D printing, create opportunities to rebuild a stronger commercial ecosystem?

We will talk about it during the next webinar where Arash Shadravan, Roboze Energy Business Developer, and Fahmi Al-Shawwa, Immensa Chief Executive Officer, will dive into the following topics:

  • trends in the Energy sector;
  • the challenges of the global supply chain and the MENA region;
  • how the Roboze Distributed Manufacturing model and metal replacement generate new competitive advantages.

Download the webinar, relax and get ready to #PrintStrongLikeMetal!


Arash Shadravan

Roboze Energy Business Developer Manager

Fahmi Al-Shawwa

Immensa Chief Executive Officer