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The world's manufacturing challenges are there for all to see.

High expectations from end customers, market volatility and the limitations of the classical model in supply chain management are challenging the entire industry.

Many have focused attention on the possible solutions offered by emerging technologies like 3D printing, Internet of Things (IOT), cloud systems, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are the cogs driving the evolution of manufacturing. Actions like reshaping and reshoring manufacturing can open up new horizons and benefits for businesses and territories. But how can this powerful ecosystem drive your manufacturing strategy and help you grow?

We'll answer these questions in the next webinar hosted by Roboze with Deeptech industry experts:

  • Davide Sher, journalist and analyst of the additive manufacturing market for over 10 years
  • Alec Ross, one of the leading experts in geopolitical and geoeconomic analysis. Part of the Advisory Board in Roboze
  • Alessio Lorusso, Founder & CEO of Roboze, a visionary entrepreneur in the field of global manufacturing.

The webinar will be broadcasted live and will conclude with an interactive question and answer section directly with speakers.

Our webinar capacity is limited to the first 500 livestream subscribers. Make sure you sign up and arrive on time to guarantee your spot!

Book your seat now and get ready to #PrintStrongLikeMetal


Alessio Lorusso

Roboze Founder & CEO

Alec Ross

Roboze Advisory Board Member

Davide Sher

3dpbm Co-Founder & CEO