Roboze realized a skateboard using FFF 3D printing technology, choosing the potentialities of the high temperature polymers and composite materials in order to combine lightness and resistance.

How is a 3D printed skateboard made of?

Carbon PA, PP, PEEK and Flex: these are the materials used by Roboze team for the realization of the skateboard. 

The board and the bases of the skateboard have been printed in Carbon PA, one of the strongest and mechanically performing material in the FFF 3D printing field, ideal for the reduction of weights through the replacement of metals or for the safety through the impact absorption.

The wheels are made in PP (polypropylene), a polymer used in a wide variety of applications and automotive components, thanks to its high resistance against impact and wear. 
The washers and the nuts are in PEEK, semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer, that is very technologically advanced as combines great mechanical properties with medium-low elastic modulus that allowed the printed parts to resist during testing the skateboard on the road.

Finally, the bearings are made of Flex, a rubber compound based on thermoplastic polyurethane, a material with high resistance to abrasion, wear and laceration. 

Watch the video to discover how was the test on the road with the Roboze’s skateboard.


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