Improving the performance and the resistance of Carbon PEEK: Roboze’s challenge

Roboze FFF 3D printing technology, with its high performance polymers, allows to combine the advantages of Metal Replacement and Additive Manufacturing, in terms of production time and costs.

Carbon PEEK, composite material reinforced with carbon fiber, guarantees extreme performance, thanks to its mechanical resistance and an excellent thermal and chemical resistance; moreover, it allows to go further in the Metal Replacement process within those sectors like Motorsport. One of the challenges of this sector is the reduction of weights using lighter parts without compromising the high performance standards of the components produced.

Using Roboze super polymers instead of light alloys – like aluminium – ensures high performance with a further reduction of weight and offers great advantages in the industrial manufacturing processes thanks to the chance to produce functional prototypes and finished parts.

Roboze team has printed a collector for a racing car: the choice of Carbon PEEK guarantees the best performances in conditions of high temperature where the thermal and chemical resistance is essential, especially in the presence of heat and chemical agents.

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