New methods of On Demand manufacuring for the production of spare parts in the railway sector: why choose Roboze solutions?

The railway sector is increasingly looking for new On Demand manufacturing methods for the production of spare parts.

Handles, hinges, support surfaces such as tables and seats require frequent maintenance. The parts often become obsolete after several years and it becomes increasingly difficult to find them because they may not be available and their production, in limited quantities, would not justify onerous investments.

The armrests of trains, for example, have a complex design and there are very numerous varieties of models available depending on the type of train and the railway company considered. Given their function, the procurement of this component is necessary to ensure comfort but at the same time maximum safety for passengers.

When train armrests are damaged, it can be difficult to find new ones as not always immediately available. If the railway company does not have stock, which entails a cost of management and space occupied, it is necessary to order parts with long waiting times.

The repair of the part, therefore, is subject to the timing of external suppliers which can slow down the entire process. Furthermore, if it is not possible to repair the damaged part, it could be necessary to replace to entire armrest, generating a considerable waste of material.

Digitalizing the warehouse with Roboze 3D printing: the advantages for the railway sector

Roboze 3D printing solutions allow you to digitalize your warehouse, producing On Demand and Just in Time parts. It is possible, in fact, to produce even small components with an accuracy of up to 10 microns, with complex geometries having maximum freedom of design, thus internalizing the entire process. In this way it is possible to obtain a significant reduction in warehouse costs, supply times and waste.

Advantages and benefits of additive manufacturing, the case of Germany

In countries such as Germany, many railway companies are investing to increase their 3D production, aware of the advantages and benefits provided by additive manufacturing. The possibility of producing discontinued spare parts on demand, in fact, allows you to avoid the expense associated with a new production of the component needed, significantly reducing costs and times of maintenance and machine downtime.

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