2020 was a significant transition period for manufacturing companies, which have gained a greater awareness of the economic benefits that additive manufacturing brings, including in terms of products.

The 3D printing sector has grown in double digits in the 23 of the last 32 years: it enjoys enormous potential, many of which is not yet exploited, especially for the production of customized components and small production batches (Source: Wohlers Report 2020).

On-demand 3D printing services for more flexible production processes

In fact, Additive Manufacturing has proven to be a valuable resource thanks to its ability to produce finished parts on demand while significantly impacting the global supply chain. The increase in the prices of raw materials combined with delivery delays has slowed down the typical courses of traditional industrial production. Companies have been forced to search for and evaluate alternative methods with the aim of bringing production closer to or back to the point of use.

More and more companies, therefore, have invested in 3D printing or on-demand services to transform their production processes and make them more flexible, without resorting to external procurement.

Metal Replacement to increase your product performance

In the context of the scarcity of raw materials, companies have also evaluated alternative materials, capable not only of replacing the most used and volatile metals in price, such as aluminum or steel, but also of bringing additional product performance benefits. An example is certainly the high-performance polymers which in many sectors, such as aviation and motorsport, offer the opportunity to benefit from a significant weight reduction of the components produced, resulting in a consequent reduction in fuel consumption.

In this context, Roboze's strong specialization in offering 3D printing solutions for the replacement of metal components with super polymers and composite materials has supported the transition of these companies, leading them to a more focused production that rationalizes resources and optimizes the supply chain.

Roboze 3D Parts: embrace new opportunities for your company

The on-demand 3D printing systems offered by Roboze 3D Parts have established themselves as strategic for reducing prototyping costs and replacing components produced abroad.

The levels of involvement in Roboze's technological ecosystem are manifold: we are witnessing the opening of new application opportunities by drastically reducing procurement times under the umbrella of flexibility; but even more important, for the purposes of the transition, is the opening to a new way of thinking, strengthening local communities, bringing production back to the site and drastically reducing production, environmental and social losses.

If you too want to be part of this change and take the opportunity to create new competitive advantages for your business, contact us. Our experts are available and ready to give personalized advice and prepare you to anticipate the future with the most industrialized and precise 3D printing solutions in the world.

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