The polymeric composite materials have a key role in several sectors thanks to the combination of lightness and resistance.

Thanks to the union of polymer matrices with any kind of reinforcements, it is possible to mix the lightness of polymers with the mechanical resistance, thermal or electric properties of the reinforcing phase.

The composite materials with polymer matrix allowed for the replacement of metal components in many applications, in particular the replacement of light aluminium alloys, with a consequent weight reduction and design optimization.

Roboze 3D printing technology offers a wide range of composite polymeric materials:

  • Carbon PP: the carbon fiber provides more resistance to PP, the lightest material and the one that is used the most in several sectors like automotive, thanks to its extraordinary chemical and impact resistance.
  • Carbon PA: the most resistant composite material with polyamide matrix in the FFF technology market. The carbon fiber allows to reach up to 136Mpa tensile strength, 15 Gpa elastic modulus and 200°C HDT.
  • Glass PA: the glass spheres add stiffness, thermal, stress and wear resistance and more lightness to the polyamide matrix.
  • Carbon PEEK: the carbon fiber further increases the already high mechanical resistance of PEEK, the most perfoming semi-crystalline materials, thanks to its incomparable thermal and chemical resistance.

For the “High Performing Material” editorial blog, we’ve talked about high performance materials that make Roboze solutions the best in terms of results, even for the most extreme applications and in manufacturing sectors where performances are fundamental.

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