The advantages of Roboze Metal Replacement

Pieffe Serigrafia is a company active since 1990 with the aim of supporting its customers in the processing of small and large batches through competence, flexibility and cutting-edge production. To make its offer even more flexible and reduce waiting times, the technical team decided to purchase and implement 3D printing technology.

After a brief experience with a Consumer printer, Pieffe Serigrafia turned to Roboze to increase the precision and repeatability of the processes they had planned to develop. An example is the creation of equipment for internal use, such as tools and gears to be installed on their production machines. The cost was between € 25,000.00 and € 30,000.00 on an annual basis.

Thanks to the Roboze 3D printer and the Carbon PA composite material to replace steel parts, Pieffe Serigrafia saved € 15,000.00 and led the Company to internalize 80% of the production of these parts for tooling, minimizing supply time with values close to zero. The reliability of the machine allows parts to be produced 24/7.

“Not only finished parts but also speed in the validation of functional prototypes. The overall savings achieved during the first year, considering the initial investment of the machine, is € 15,000.00 "says Fulvio Personeni, owner of Pieffe Serigrafia. “We are very happy to have chosen Roboze. Their innovative approach, team’s competence and versatility of the proposed materials, has led us to also reconsider new applications and business opportunities and will allow to transform us more quickly into a 4.0 company."

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