Steven Gonzalez and Alain Harrus commit to Roboze's additive manufacturing vision

Roboze is delighted to welcome Steven Gonzalez and Alain Harrus to our Advisory Board!

Steven Gonzalez: a whole life devoted to space industry

Steven Gonzalez is one of the major experts in the space industry worldwide, with more than 32 years of experience at NASA. He decided to bet on Roboze with the aim of redefining the standards of the space sector thanks to the company’s 3D printing technology dedicated to Metal Replacement.

A whole life devoted to exploring methods and innovations in the space sector, Steven Gonzalez joined the NASA team in May of 1988. His interest today is to bring his 30+ years of experience to the service of start-ups and innovative projects to accelerate technological progress in the space industry.

I am extremely convinced of the benefits that 3D printing offers to the space sector. I met Roboze a few years ago and was impressed by the level of technology offered. A perfect combination of high customization of parts, innovative materials, and process industrialization, which translates into a reduction in weight for the sector with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption and therefore in harmful emissions, as well as a greater payload capacity. The process is fast and reduces the use of energy and the need for tooling

Steven Gonzalez.

Alain Harrus: over 20 years of venture capital experience in Silicon Valley

Alain Harrus is Chairman of the board at Kateeva, a Californian company engaged in the electronics sector. Previously, he was a partner of Crosslink Capital, a venture capital fund in San Francisco, where he led the investment business in high-impact semiconductors and technologies.

Before moving into venture capital, Alain developed groundbreaking process technologies first as a researcher at Bell Laboratories and then as Chief Technology Officer at Novellus Systems, now part of Lam Research. There, he championed a total copper metallization solution for advanced semiconductor manufacturing - a disruptive move that made Novellus a class leader and helped catapult the company beyond the $1 billion mark in revenue.

As an investor, Alain Harrus focused on early-stage science-based hardware companies developing innovative technologies by advising executive teams on strategic growth initiatives.

Additive Manufacturing is among the innovations that will help us respond to future global challenges that are increasingly critical and important for all of us. Among the various manufacturers, Roboze has demonstrated a 3D printing technology that is synonymous with this vision as the only real solution today that can reshape the way things are produced with unique performance and process repeatability with a great positive impact on the world. I am happy to be able to give my contribution in the expansion of this great goal

Alain Harrus.
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