Roboze technology at MECSPE 2023 Bologna

Roboze technology at MECSPE 2023 Bologna

27 March 2023

The future of industrial manufacturing at MECSPE 2023

Bologna-MECSPE 2023, from 29 to 31 March Italy, meets and looks at the present and the future of manufacturing, during the international reference fair for the whole industry.

Supply Chain 4.0 is becoming of primary interest for companies in the current industrial context, since more and more factories are implementing new smart technologies to create connected and interoperable workflows. Industrial production is faced with numerous challenges in order to be competitive and generate profits. Companies around the world are committed every day with creating their own competitive advantage through the production of prototypes, innovative products and functional parts, while ensuring high quality standards.

Italy's recovery and resilience plan, a plan envisaged to relaunch the country after the Covid-19 pandemic, is the largest in the entire European Union: it amounts to 191.5 billion euros and a good 25.1% of this amount (i.e. 48 billion euros) is earmarked for the digital transition. (Fonte Italia in dati)

Roboze 3D printing and Industry 4.0: let’s meet up at MECSPE 2023!

Therefore, the intense trend that is involving companies is not surprising: industrial 3D printing, which allows the production of finished parts interconnected with workflows, is certainly among the technologies that can support the digitalization processes.

At MECSPE 2023 this is exactly the message that together with our partners we will present to companies looking for flexible manufacturing solutions in line with Industry 4.0. By exploiting super polymers and composite materials and by creating just in time and on demand parts, it is possible to reduce delivery times, but above all to relieve companies of part of the costs associated with the physical warehouse.

We will be present in hall 19 “Machine and Tools” with CELADA (stand B52 - C52), and in hall 36 “Additive Manufacturing” with RIMAS (stand D71).

For more information or to ask for a meeting, do not hesitate to contact us!

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