Roboze supports Biesterfeld Norge AS at NCAM 2024 – booth 14-16

12 March 2024

NCAM 2024: A Pivotal Event for Innovators and Industry Leaders

The National Conference for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM 2024) is poised to be one of the most anticipated events in the field of advanced materials and additive manufacturing. This year, the event is set to be a crossroads for professionals, academics, and industry leaders eager to discover the latest innovations, trends, and challenges in the field of non-corrosive materials and advanced technologies.

The conference will attract a global audience, consisting of technical experts, decision-makers, and innovators, all committed to exploring how new materials can improve sustainability, resilience, and performance in the modern industrial context. Attending NCAM 2024 offers a unique opportunity to stay abreast of market developments and position yourself at the forefront of your field of expertise.

A Leader in Northern Europe: Biesterfeld Norge AS

Biesterfeld Norge AS stands out as a key partner in Northern Europe, known for its deep expertise in the field of advanced materials and chemical solutions. Their reputation is built on a solid foundation of innovation, quality, and customer service, making them a respected name and a trusted collaborator for companies throughout the region.

Biesterfeld Norge AS's participation in NCAM 2024 underlines their commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and promoting sustainable and non-corrosive solutions that meet the current and future needs of the market. Through this presence, Biesterfeld Norge AS also offers a valuable perspective on emerging trends and revolutionary technologies shaping the industrial landscape.

Non-Corrosive Materials and the Benefits of Roboze Solutions

One of the most revolutionary aspects that Biesterfeld Norge AS intends to present at NCAM 2024, in collaboration with Roboze, is the use of non-corrosive materials. Corrosion remains a constant industry challenge, with significant economic and environmental impacts. In this context, the partnership between Roboze and Biesterfeld Norge AS emerges as a concrete response to the market's current needs.
Roboze brings to the forefront its expertise, offering solutions that surpass the traditional limits of standard materials. Through the use of high-performance polymers and composite materials, Roboze's industrial 3D printing solutions offer non-corrosive alternatives that ensure superior durability, strength, and reliability.

On March 12th, Arash Shadravan, Global Energy Business Development Director of Roboze, at 4:00 PM will discuss how to qualify polymer-based components produced with additive methods in the O&G industry according to the API 20T standard.

With the adoption of Roboze's 3D printing solutions, companies are witnessing significant benefits in terms of cost reduction and production times. This positive impact translates into an optimized supply chain, allowing companies to respond more quickly to market needs and reduce capital tied up in inventory. This achievement is made possible by the opportunity to produce end parts and components on demand, eliminating the need for expensive molds and reducing iteration cycles in the design process. This production agility results in a significant reduction in lead time, from weeks to days, offering a crucial competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding market.

Join Us at NCAM 2024

We invite you to attend NCAM 2024 to experience firsthand the revolutionary solutions that Roboze and Biesterfeld Norge AS have to offer. Contact us to schedule a meeting during the conference.

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