Roboze present during the Space Week of EXPO 2020 Dubai

11 October 2021 Expo 2020

In winning the right to host EXPO 2020, the UAE and its people have embarked on a journey that will put the country at the center of the international stage on the eve of its Golden Jubilee, engaging the global community and creating impact with immediate and significant cultural, social and economic.

October 1st 2021 finally sees its start after a year of closure and limits imposed by the global pandemic, with a full program of initiatives and thematic weeks exploring humanity's most critical challenges and opportunities through a cultural, social lens, both environmental and economic.

The entire week of the 17th to the 23rd of October is dedicated to space. Technologies, trends, conferences and conventions will focus on the exploration of the universe in a safe and productive way.

Roboze will be present at the Italian Pavilion with the aim of opening up new opportunities and partnerships to outline new avenues for development and innovation through additive manufacturing solutions.

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