Roboze One+400, CNHi case study: Exclusive WebinAr

3 January 2019

Today the production of jigs&fixtures  is a growing trend in the additive manufacturing field.

Jigs&Fixtures are used to cut production costs as they allow to reduce machines setup time, increasing the production and allowing the realization of heavy and complex moulded parts, guaranteeing interchangeability. Moreover, they increase the occupational safety and, consequently, reduce the odds of accidents.

What are the advantages in producing these tools with Roboze technology?

  • On-demand production, that means reduction of the supply time and the limited inventory space;
  • Freedom to modify geometry in accordance with the needs without any significant cost changes;
  • Environmental sustainability  thanks to the reduction of material waste during the production of these parts.

If you are interested in getting more details and information about the advantages in the use of this printer, join the Webinar dedicated to CNH Industrial and the realization of equipments within the Suzzara’s IVECO plant. Thanks to this Webinar you can also understand how this technology is able to optimize the processes with a significant advantage in terms of costs and time.

Apply to the Webinar and discover how CNH Industrial uses our Roboze One+400 3D printer at the Suzzara’s IVECO plant, considerably reducing design and production costs with significant costs savings. 

Click here to reserve your participation, writing in the message the time that is more suitable for you “IVECO case study – January 10th at 10 am CET” or “IVECO case study – January 10th at 5.30 pm CET” 

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