Roboze is activity partner of CIM4.0 National Competence Center

Roboze is activity partner of CIM4.0 National Competence Center

19 September 2022

A revolutionary partnership to face the challenges of industry 4.0

Sharing ideas, projects, passions to achieve revolutionary goals in a short time. This is the driving force behind Roboze's new partnership with CIM4.0 of the National Competence Center, aimed at strategically and operationally supporting manufacturing companies in the digital age and industry 4.0.

Competence Industry Manufacturing 4.0 in Turin has activated several strategic collaborations involving industrial players of national and international caliber, with the aim of offering the best possible support to small and medium-sized Italian companies in terms of technology transfer and digitization of processes and innovative products.

Roboze is among the most advanced additive manufacturing technologies, having the goal of creating a synergy aimed at guaranteeing Italian SMEs the use of systems capable of accelerating the adoption of 3D printing, not only for rapid and functional prototyping but also and above all for the production of finished parts.

We are enthusiast to welcome Roboze, a key player in the field of the most advanced 3D printing technologies, in our Competence Center, as Activity Partner. Thanks also to the collaboration with important Italian and international innovative industries, the technological growth of our Competence Center continues with the main mission of offering companies, in particular small and medium-sized businesses, an increasingly complete and sustainable support for the digital and ecological transition challenges.

Enrico Pisino, CEO of CIM4.0

Additionally, Alessio Lorusso declares:

At Roboze we want to accelerate the world's transition towards smarter and more sustainable production, and we are aware that the only way to achieve truly revolutionary results is to share ideas, knowledge and passion. We recognize in CIM4.0 its central role in this evolution and that is why we are very excited to start this collaboration, which is strategic not only for us, but for all the companies supported by the Competence Center.

Alessio Lorusso, Founder & CEO of Roboze
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