Roboze goes to APS Meetings 2022 with a dedicated speech to Aerospace

APS Meetings 2022 | June 8-9 Lyon: register online!

Two days of high-level meetings and conferences dedicated to additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and product development. The goal is to share and create moments of exchange to identify problems and solutions offered by 3D printing. In a single word: APS Meetings 2022!

The congress, in particular, will host international players for a series of conferences that will enable participants to benefit from the experiences of the speakers and identify solutions to their production limitations and needs.

Roboze’s 3D printing for the Aerospace sector at APS Meetings 2022

Roboze is attending, represented by Fabrizio Brandi, Marketing Director, who will speak on the afternoon of June 8 with a speech dedicated to 3D printing for the aerospace world. In particular, we will illustrate the advantages offered by additive manufacturing of high-performance materials, super polymers and composites, as a replacement for metals, such as weight reduction, a crucial element in this sector. The lower the weight, the lower the energy or fuel consumption and the greater the efficiency of the processes.

Metal Replacement can be applied to any manufacturing technology. Regardless of the method used, there are many benefits associated with using polymers and composites instead of metals. However, when combined with Roboze 3D printing, it can show additional benefits to improve flexibility and customization of parts.

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