Roboze Automate: 3D printing meets customized manufacturing

Roboze Automate 3D printing technology has finally arrived

3D printing in manufacturing has been a mirage for too long. Inconsistency and little repeatability of the process, combined with uncontrolled variables such as material, temperatures, sensors, and reporting, together with the manual operations and experience required of the individual operator, remain a limit that seems insurmountable to make 3D printing a production process as well as traditional techniques, such, as CNC machining and injection molding. At least until today!

We are pleased to present Roboze Automate, the technological ecosystem that leads 3D printing to be on par with CNC machining and injection molding, in terms of consistency, repeatability, and process control. Roboze Automate was created to integrate into the production workflow of manufacturing companies, and to be leveraged as a solution for customized batches of up to 3,000 pieces on a single machine.

“Roboze Automate is the result of the hard work of a network of technological and industrial partners and leaders in the world of industrial automation, such as, B&R of the ABB Group. 
The entire Roboze team is very proud of what we have achieved that make us day by day close to our goal of changing the way things are produced today." 

Alessio Lorusso, Roboze CEO & Founder

Roboze Automate technological ecosystem: how does it work?

The Roboze Automate technological ecosystem is equipped with a PLC industrial automation system developed in partnership with B&R. This system allows the ARGO 500 to be positioned in a production environment, connecting it to the company workflow while managing the process and certifying every single component produced, thanks to on site process control and certification reports of each part produced stored directly in the machine.

This new technology combined with the Roboze Beltless system, which eliminates belts from 3D printing and achieves precision and repeatability of movement like a machine tool, along with the heated chamber process, represents a state of the art of 3D production of super polymers and composites to replace metals and traditional technologies, bringing enormous savings in time and cost, and the opening of new applications with extreme performance, through the production of customized batches.

The Roboze Automate technological ecosystem introduces:

  • Integrated PLC industrial automation system from B&R;
  • Complete remote control, remote diagnosis, and predictive maintenance;
  • Higher production speed thanks to brushless motors with retroactive control with the precision + repeatability guaranteed by Roboze's Beltless system technolog;
  • Advanced sensors for monitoring and reporting of all phases of the process: material loading and quality control, thermal mapping of the heated chamber, log of all extrusion temperatures and chamber heating, absolute positioning of the axes and interference detection, analysis of process data and parameters with storage in the internal memory for the certification of each individual printing process aimed at recording each component produced;
  • Automatic updates of new features and software parameters;
  • Scalability and introduction of new hardware, sensors, and controls thanks to the modularity of the industrial automation system.

With Roboze Automate technology, 3D printing is seamlessly integrated into the production workflow - introducing an automation system that produces and certifies every component in batches up to 3,000 pieces per ARGO 500, in an efficient, controlled, and sustainable way.

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