Roboze at Formnext 2023 - Our Exclusive Events

30 October 2023

A few days before the opening of Formnext 2023 we are pleased to invite you to our booth 11.1 - C21 where, once again, we want to leave an indelible mark on the manufacturing industry.

We won't just showcase our latest innovations and advanced solutions, we want to involve all of you, and we thought we would do so through a series of in-depth speeches that will offer a unique and informative experience. Each talk will be a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Roboze, learning how technology is revolutionizing key sectors such as energy, motorsport, aerospace and much more. With a formal yet passionate language, Roboze will welcome visitors to explore its world of innovation and success. Register now!

7 November at 11 AM – ARGO 1000 and Hypermelt Technology focus

Our first event is a deep dive into ARGO 1000's innovative Hypermelt technology. Discover the possibilities of this cutting-edge solution, which is redefining the standards of 3D printing. Don't miss this chance! Register now.

8 November at 12.30 PM – The Petroleum Development Oman Case Study

The second day starts with a focus on the energy sector. In collaboration with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), we will explore how Roboze 3D printing and non-metallic materials are revolutionizing the energy sector, opening doors to new possibilities. Join us and reserve your spot!

8 November at 3 PM - The Roboze 3D Parts Network focus

Enter the world of distributed manufacturing and connectivity with the presentation of Roboze Distributed Manufacturing and the Roboze 3D Parts Network. You will discover how we are shaping the future of manufacturing. Click to participate.

8 November at 5 PM – Case studies in the Motorsport sector

Find out how Roboze is driving innovation with the collaboration of Motorsport giants - Ducati Corse and Yamaha. Join us to explore the innovations that are driving this industry. Sign up now!

9 November at 12 PM – Join Us for an Industrial 3D Printing Discussion

The third day opens with a focus on the advanced industrial 3D printing applications and the central role that Roboze plays in this context, together with Tec Eurolab, a renowned analysis and testing laboratory, specialized in inspection, measurement and control services of components and materials. Click here now!

9 November at 4 PM – Join Us for an Aerospace 3D Printing Discussion

We close the series of events, with a look towards the sky! Join us to explore the revolutionary 3D printing applications in the aviation and space industry. Discover how Roboze 3D printing technology is changing these high-tech industries. Register now!

Don't miss these exclusive in-depth opportunities! Save the dates and get ready to discover the future of 3D printing with Roboze at Formnext 2023.

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