Roboze at Dubai Airshow 2023 – booth 590

13 November 2023

Dubai Airshow is one of the largest and most prestigious aviation and aerospace events in the world. Held in Dubai, UAE, it attracts a wide range of participants, including aircraft manufacturers, aviation technology suppliers, airlines, and delegations from around the world. The event provides an important platform for showcasing new technologies, business partnerships, and agreements in the aviation and space industries. It is a key event for those interested in following the latest innovations and trends in aerospace.

The 3D Printing Revolution in Aviation

3D printing has disrupted the way the aerospace industry designs and manufactures critical components. Roboze is at the forefront of this industry, offering technology that overcomes the limitations of traditional 3D printing. Here are some of the key benefits of Roboze 3D printing in aviation:

•    Advanced Materials: Roboze uses advanced materials, such as PEEK and ULTEM, known for their resistance to temperature and corrosion. These materials are essential for aerospace applications where durability and reliability are critical.

•    High Precision: Precision is crucial in aviation, and Roboze offers extraordinary precision in the production of complex, high-tolerance components. This reduces post-processing times and optimizes production.

•    Cost Reduction: Roboze 3D printing allows you to create complex components in a single operation, significantly reducing production times and associated costs. Furthermore, the ability to manufacture spare parts on demand reduces inventory costs.

•    Customization: The flexibility of Roboze 3D printing allows for the customization of components to fit specific needs, helping to improve aircraft performance.

•    Sustainability: Reduced material waste and on-demand production help reduce environmental impact, an increasingly important issue in the aerospace industry.

Applications in Space Technology

Roboze 3D printing also plays a crucial role in technological innovation for space exploration. Here are some ways Roboze technology is applied in space:

•    Lightness and Resistance: In the space environment, the lightness and resistance of materials are essential. 3D printing allows you to create light but robust structures, contributing to reducing the costs of space launches.

•    Manufacturing in Orbit: Roboze is also exploring the possibility of using 3D printing in space, enabling the production of components aboard space stations or future lunar colonies. This would reduce dependence on Earth for supplies and repairs.

•    Human Space Exploration: The ability to customize components and produce spare parts on site will be critical for long-term human space missions, such as those to Mars.

Our participation in the Dubai Airshow 2023 is a witness to the evolution of the aerospace industry and the important role that 3D printing is playing in this transformation. The applications of Roboze technology in aviation and space are promising and offer innovation, efficiency and sustainability to crucial sectors for humanity.

This is a unique opportunity to see first-hand how 3D printing is changing the future of flight and space exploration. Don't miss your chance to visit our booth 590 to discover the latest innovations in this fascinating field.

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