Prometheus - Boosting Strong Like Metal Parts

It is with great pride that we present Prometheus, the Roboze software developed to increase the productivity of our customers and obtain an even higher performance of parts from our 3D printing systems.

Inspired by the mythological character Prometheus, who challenged the gods by stealing fire and giving it to humanity, Prometheus is a complete, simple and intuitive 3D printing software solution for end-to-end workflow management, from the earliest stages of design until the final production of the printed part.

Prometheus features an effortless and intuitive user interface, developed considering the levels of user experience. The underlying technology was created specifically considering the performance of the machines and the intrinsic characteristics of the printing materials available. The software allows you to create a gcode in just a few clicks, eliminating the need for profile management and with rapid processing of large models. Furthermore, its Cross Browser capability makes your printers' work stable, fast and secure with direct access to the most popular browsers in the world, from Chrome to Edge.

We want our customers to extract the maximum performance from our machines and, at the same time, experience improved print preparation operations, starting from the first slicing phase.
We worked continuously for two years to develop software that matches the quality of our printers and provides added value to our customers.

said Alessio Lorusso, Founder & CEO of Roboze

The Prometheus software extremely simplifies the printing process and increases the performance of Roboze printers by adding greater accuracy and repeatability to parts produced with the best performing super polymers and composite materials on the market.  Just as 3D printers are constantly evolving, software must also evolve and accelerate all the hardware and automation enhancements put in place. Our continuous contact with customers has allowed us to create Prometheus and install the first piece of the Roboze infrastructure tailored to end users. I am very proud of the result obtained; it is a technology that breaks down all the limits of the software available on the market today.

says Antonio Pastore, Head of Engineering of Roboze

For more information visit the new Prometheus webpage: CLICK HERE!

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