Diversity and equality: the foundation of our success

23 September 2021 HR Diversity Management

In companies, especially in recent years, greater attention and sensitivity is maturing with respect to the values of inclusion and equity and with respect to the management of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, background training, and professional and geographical location present within the organization. This topic assumes a role of primary importance not only for ethical and moral reasons but also for the impact it has on the overall performance of the organization and its work teams.

What is “Diversity Management"?

At Roboze, diversity management calls us to reflect and to act. With this, we mean a corporate change process that has the purpose of encouraging the unique contribution that each employee can make. We must always be mindful about issues of ethics, mutual respect, fundamental freedoms, and the implementation of equality, non-discrimination, and inclusion. We offer a workplace that affirms the uniqueness of each individual and allow a setting in which they can achieve their professional goals both within the company and across the industry in an increasingly globalized context.

From day one, Roboze has implemented a goal to support equality and diversity as one of our founding pillars of the entire organization. With this commitment, we continually seek to empower and motivate team members and all other stakeholders who interact with the organization, such as suppliers, shareholders, customers, and institutions. At Roboze, Diversity Management is therefore part of a broader context which is that of corporate social responsibility with the aim of encouraging the integration of resources into the logic of corporate management, seeking aware and shared participation in company culture and its development.

We do this from the first day of employment. One of the areas in which the lever of Diversity Management is most important, in fact, is that of group affiliation, i.e., the commitment and propensity of the entire team to welcome and facilitate integration in order to create conditions for the construction of a network of formal and informal relationships, thus strengthening a common culture.

Our vision is to always welcome diversity in every sense. Investing in Diversity Management each day guarantees us greater creativity and innovation, flexibility and better problem-solving skills. Each company should reflect on its "diversity management" strategy and consider organizational transformations needed to recognize and respect everyone and the unique talents that they bring onboard.

At the origin of the Roboze, there is passion, the desire to innovate, to turn dreams into successful projects, and to always welcome talents and create new ones around a shared purpose.? Gender and role equality are represented through many of our women-led departments, and as a whole, our team is comprised of a vast variety of religions, languages, dialects, and backgrounds all working on the same project. Our wealth lies precisely in the support and encouragement of the people present in the company and their potential, so that everyone not only has the same opportunities but that the final result is greater than the sum of the parts.

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