COVID-19, the value of collaboration and sharing

6 April 2020

3D printing in the battlefield against the Coronavirus emergency

The spread of COVID-19 has shocked the whole world. Nobody could foresee this event and get prepared in advance. All of us had to adapt, learn new life practices, accept social distances to avoid the expansion of this invisible enemy.

However, hospitals and health systems around the world are in an emergency of supplying devices and parts to save lives. We are all seeing how 3D printing is helping to meet these urgent needs thanks to many professionals and enthusiasts who have shown their availability to support the containment of Coronavirus.

We need to join forces to minimize the impact of this health crisis so we have thought to share with you what we are doing, to stimulate others to formulate new intervention ideas.

  • Charlotte Valves
    Born from the intuition of dr. Renato Favero, former head of the Gardone Valtrompia Hospital (Brescia), designed by Isinnova, the Charlotte valves countered the severe shortage of hospital C-PAP masks for sub-intensive therapy, by adapting the Easybreath snorkeling mask designed, produced and marketed from Decathlon. Considering the request of several national players, we decided to put in place the production capacity of our EMEA demo center in Italy and asked some of our customers and partners to help us. Dallara, Leonardo, HB Technology Srl are just a few who took part in the initiative and started the production of valves and other urgent components.

  • T-connector
    Conceived and designed in the laboratories of the Department of Mathematical Mechanics and Management at the Polytechnic of Bari, the T-connector can feed two patients at the same time through a single breathing assistance device. A simple and at the same time extreme but important intuition in conditions of emergency and needs.
    Here in Roboze we have immediately decided to contribute with the production of these connectors and our machines are running seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • Pair of PEEK tools for the thermoforming of N95 masks
    We have always been convinced that additive printing solutions can reduce time and costs compared to traditional practices and production phases. For some time now we have been experimenting with our customers on the creation of molds using Roboze 3D printers to accelerate the industrial processes of forming, thermoforming and care.
    Hence the idea by Roboze's R&D team to design a mold in PEEK, a material resistant to high temperatures with excellent self-lubricating properties, for companies that deal with thermoforming and who want to accelerate the production of N95 type protective masks. The file is open, and we will make it available to anyone who requests it.

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  • The value of collaboration: our support for the World Economy Forum
    While it is true that the entire Additive Manufacturing community, including professionals and makers, have mobilized to support the efforts to contain the pandemic, it is also true that all this cannot be enough. For this reason, we fully support the World Economy Forum organization, an international organization for public-private cooperation which, as a partner of the World Health Organization, is mobilizing all interested parties, governments, international organizations and the business community, to protect lives and offer livelihood.
    The World Economic Forum has created a platform, the COVID Action Platform, which aims to galvanize the global business community for collective action and protect people's livelihoods, also facilitating business continuity and mobilizing cooperation and support to companies against COVID-19.
    In fact, the platform allows access to the most updated data on Coronavirus and the effects it is having on global health, the economy and much more.
    Further information are available directly here.

If you are interested in collaborating with us and with all those who are making the maximum contribution to help people who need it, email at

For the reception of valve files, molds, face shields, it is possible to contact Eng. Marialuisa Geramo, Head of Demo Center, by emailing at

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