Andrea Tanzi is Roboze's new VP of People

Andrea Tanzi is Roboze's new VP of People

14 September 2022

Andrea Tanzi and Roboze: talent and people first, always

Over 15 years of experience and a solid history of success in various HR contexts, mainly in the automotive and energy sectors: meet Andrea Tanzi, Roboze's new VP of People.

I want to create an organizational culture that values people, capitalizes on their skills and ensures a high and constant commitment over time to allow the business to scale quickly and sustainably.

Andrea Tanzi, Roboze VP of People

Who is Andrea Tanzi?

Andrea Tanzi was born in Bari, the city where he began his education and then expanded his skills both in Italy and abroad in multinational companies with very diverse backgrounds.

The projects that have most marked his career concern change management and business transformation. He has worked on global learning and development programs, cultural and organizational integration plans.

His mission at Roboze is to create a global work environment that gives Robozers the opportunity to learn and grow professionally, making them feel central and impactful in achieving business results throughout their entire working life. Therefore, it will be necessary to work in attracting the best talents on the market, enhancing those already in force and creating the best work experience for everyone.

The whole Roboze team can only welcome this new entry with enthusiasm. Welcome Andrea!

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