American Additive Manufacturing has new focal points

20 December 2018

Our expansion never stops and aims at getting closer to the American market.
Today we announce our 3 points of contact for the end users in USA, Canada and Colombia. 


Based in Oklahoma City, USA, ImageNet Consulting has been in the business of IT solutions and printing since 1956. It has 18 offices in the U.S. and 440 employees. In 2014, ImageNet stepped into the 3D printing space, offering a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies. Its goal is meeting and satisfying its customers’ needs in terms of products, expertise, and consultancy.

“The reason we suggest Roboze over many other solutions”, says TJ Russell, 3D Printing director at ImageNet Consulting, “is for flame retardant materials, the quality of the product, strength, competitive price point, and its vision for future AM technology (longevity to be around). ROI is always the most important thing for our customers and when you compare Roboze to other products in its class, they can’t compete. With the announcement of all the other Roboze products, there is a sense of security there for a customer that Roboze is here to stay”.


Located in Bolton, Ontario – Canada, TM3 is a consulting company, specialized in the production of parts with additive technology and reverse engineering. With the aim to become one of the most advanced manufacturing centers of South-Eastern Canada, the company offers the opportunity to have access to top of the line 3D Printers, CNC and 3D Scanners,  specifically selected and combined with the skills of an expert and passionate team. TM3 is able to meet the manufacturing necessities for on demand small production batches and large scale production cycles.

“We have several applications that require jigs and fixtures for CNC machining applications” - declares Vince Tersigni, TM3 Co-Founder – “and we feel that having the ability to print with Nylon and Carbon PA will be able to support us in that area. We also have a large focus on the Oil & Gas Market and feel that printing in PEEK will be a very large benefit for our customers. We have opportunities to help customers looking for short run injection mold tooling and we feel that with the properties in PEEK we should be able to satisfy these needs.”


i3D was founded in 2007 with the aim to offer the best in class 3D technologies to both the Educational and Professional markets. Based at Medellin, in Colombia, i3D is now an expert in FDM technology and its offer provides a full service support for the main industries in the country within the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and metals sectors, in terms of training, designing, production and metrology.

“Roboze – declared Leonardo Arbeláez, Engineering Director at i3D – offers the next generation high performance materials. The future is NOW!”

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