ARGO Subscription Plan

Integrate the ARGO 500 in your company with a simple all-inclusive usage fee

Use the world's most precise 3D printing technology for super polymers now with an all-inclusive subscription formula. Bring an ARGO 500 into your company’s production line, without the need to buy it, paying a simple fee including machine, software, warranty, and assistance.

The program offers the advantage of having an ARGO 500 directly in your company, with a simple usage fee. All included in a flexible subscription formula geared to your needs. With an all-inclusive annual fee, including the ARGO 500 3D printer, warranty, assistance and software, you can concentrate on producing end-use parts with your new ARGO 500, optimizing time and costs within your company.

The future is in the hands of those who know how to anticipate it today

Advantages for you

Always On the Cutting Edge

Thanks to continuous software and material updates, your ARGO 500 will always be the best available. You simply will not need to worry about technological obsolescence. The ARGO 500 is a constantly evolving system with remote updates, which allow you to always achieve the best performance.


Our single goal is that you successfully implement Roboze technology within your company, helping to accelerate ROI and guarantee you great time and cost savings within your current production processes. The fee includes assistance, warranty, maintenance, and software updates for your ARGO 500. You won’t need to worry about anything – leave it to us.

Know-how and technology transfer

You can count on the daily support of our experts and team of materials scientists for validation and implementation of new applications, optimization of geometries and transfer of specific knowledge. We will be by your side to make sure that your engineering team makes the most of the technological potential of the ARGO 500.

We customize the subscription plan according to your specific needs

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