ARGO Subscription Plan

The production additive manufacturing solution for innovators in the world

Access the most precise 3D printing technology in the world for super materials, now with an all-inclusive subscription formula. A team of applications engineers and materials scientists are always at your disposal to accelerate your ROI and use Roboze technology at its maximum potential.

The program offers a complete solution to have ARGO 500 on your shop floor, along with materials and services. Everything is included in a subscription formula that is flexible and focused on your needs. With an all-inclusive annual fee, including printing materials, engineering support and parts optimization services, together with continuous software updates, you will have the chance to produce end-use parts with your new ARGO 500, optimizing times and costs within your company.

The future is in the hands of those who know how to anticipate it today

Advantages for you

Always On the Cutting Edge

You won't need to worry about technological obsolescence. Thanks to continuous software and material updates, ARGO 500's constantly evolving system ensures you will always have the best-in-class machine.

Flexible and All-inclusive

With different subscription plans, our only goal is to allow you to better implement Roboze technology within your company, accelerating ROI and ensuring great savings in time and cost within your current production processes.

Know-how and technology transfer

You can count on the daily support of a Roboze Application Engineer dedicated to you, and our team of materials scientists for the validation and implementation of new applications, optimization of geometries and the transfer of specific knowledge.

We customize the subscription plan according to your specific needs

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