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Print volume

1000x1000x1000 mm


ARGO 1000 HYPERMELT is the world's largest Pellet-based 3D printer, equipped with heated chamber up to 180°C, to quickly produce large format parts in incredibly strong super polymers and composites.

Higher Value in Higher Dimension

Thanks to its large work volume - 1000x1000x1000mm - nearly 40 by 40 by 40 inches - it is possible to print larger components and a greater number of parts all in a single job, allowing you to satisfy different and changing needs while optimizing time and reducing costs.

Best-in-Class Heated Chamber

The Roboze heated chamber is the result of years of work, prototypes and hundreds of simulations. We developed this unique solution to allow a homogeneous working environment aimed at consolidating the parts with a perfect thermal fusion of each layer in order to achieve exceptional mechanical properties. This is among the most important elements of the Roboze Automate technological ecosystem as it has a strong impact on the mechanical properties of the final component.

Wing to Wing Metal Replacement Process

The production process of the ARGO 1000 HYPERMELT is optimized to print parts with the best performing formulations to the maximum of their properties, allowing for fast and flexible metal replacement production.

Industrial Automation

ARGO 1000 HYPERMELT is equipped with an industrial automation system that seamlessly integrates into your production workflow, allowing you to program parts production, analyze data, and quickly predict and resolve downtime, thus increasing efficiency and mitigating the risks of printing failure.

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