Thermoplastic composite material ToolingX CF


ToolingX CF

Semi-crystalline thermoplastic matrix composite material to meet demanding requirements

Tube bending mold 3D printed with ToolingX CF material
Wireframe of a 3D tube bending mold

Lightness, versatility and tenacity

Among the most adopted 3D printing materials in the aerospace sector, ToolingX CF is a composite material loaded with carbon fiber that offers lightness, chemical resistance and high mechanical resistance. It is almost totally insoluble in organic solvents below 200 °C, making it suitable for use in applications where corrosive or difficult to manage chemical environments are encountered. Thanks to its chemical structure and its self-extinguishing properties, Roboze ToolingX CF is inherently flame resistant.

Main characteristics

Excellent chemical and thermal resistance

Roboze ToolingX CF is thermoplastic material with high resistance to strong acids, hydrolysis, alcohols, hydrocarbons and other chemical and atmospheric agents, which maintains its stability even at temperatures in the order of 200 °C.

Aluminum replacement

Composed of polyphenylene sulphide loaded with 12% carbon fiber, Roboze ToolingX CF has a high mechanical and chemical resistance and exceptional dimensional stability during the process.

Inherently flame retardant

ToolingX CF is a self-extinguishing material and, if exposed to flame, it has the intrinsic ability to carbonise, limiting its spread in the event of a fire. Property highly appreciated by industries such as aerospace, railway and motorsport.


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