3D printed part with Helios™PEEK 2005


Helios™PEEK 2005

The evolution of Helios ™ PEEK 2005 to push where no one has ever dared

PEEK reinforced with ceramic fibers for those who desire new performances

Helios ™ PEEK 2005 is the newest Roboze 3D printing material developed for innovators looking for strong, high surface finish and high temperature resistant 3D parts. The dispersion of reinforcement within the PEEK matrix is optimized to maximize stability at high temperatures with an exceptional degree of detail, while accelerating time-to-market thanks to its ease of post-processing prints.

Main characteristics

Superior surface finish

The ceramic phase has smaller dimensions when compared with the more common carbon and glass fibers, a characteristic that makes Helios ™ PEEK 2005 ideal for the production of components with complex geometry characterized by thin walls and a high surface finish. In addition, the monocrystalline nature of the reinforcement allows the elimination of grain boundaries and the minimization of crystallographic defects, maximizing its effectiveness.

Thermal and electrical insulation

Thanks to the intrinsic low thermal conductivity of the ceramic reinforcement, Helios ™ PEEK 2005 exhibits high thermal insulation properties even when exposed to high operating temperatures. The 3D printed parts are light, with a low electrical conductivity, suitable for applications where the insulating characteristic is a fundamental technical requirement.

Stability at high temperatures

The ceramic filler of 3D printing material Helios ™ PEEK 2005 has been developed to achieve a strong interfacial bond with the PEEK matrix, satisfying high requirements in terms of mechanical performance and offering new application opportunities for metal replacement in extreme working conditions.


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