carbon pa


Carbon PA

Strong like metal for high level performances

The strongest carbon fiber reinforced PA in the industry

Carbon PA is a composite material in which chopped carbon fibers are incorporated into a polyamide matrix, creating one of the highest performing 3D printing polymers in the entire industry.
Roboze uses the PA 6.10 matrix, because it guarantees lower hygroscopicity and greater stability over time. Reinforcement of semi-crystalline PA 6.10 plastic with chopped carbon fibers results in a material much stronger than normal polyamide. Roboze's carbon fiber reinforced PA has excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals, that together with excellent mechanical properties, makes it the perfect candidate for metal replacement applications. 

Main characteristics

High Mechanical Resistance

Carbon PA is one of the highest mechanical performance 3D printing polymers in the entire industry. This is thanks to its high tensile strength (XY: 19725psi - 20015psi-136 MPa and XZ: 138 MPa), which makes it a material comparable to aluminum and a valuable candidate for metal replacement in high load applications.

Chemical Resistance

The PA matrix is characterized by a high chemical resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons, greases, oils, halogenated hydrocarbons and is therefore widely used in the manufacturing industry and in motorsport.

New application opportunities

The carbon fiber reinforcement gives Roboze Carbon PA an HDT equal to 356°F (180 °C), increasing the application opportunities in more industrial sectors.


Would you like to know more? We have created for you a series of technical contents aimed at deepening the characteristics and solutions that this material can offer you.

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