carbon pa


Carbon PA PRO

Strong like metal for high level performance

The strongest carbon fiber reinforced PA in the industry

Carbon PA PRO is a composite material in which chopped carbon fibers are incorporated into a polyamide matrix, creating one of the highest performing 3D printing polymers in the entire industry. The reinforcement of the semi-crystalline PA 6 plastic with chopped carbon fibers results in a much stronger material than normal polyamide. Roboze's carbon fiber reinforced PA has high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal resistance. In addition, the polyamide matrix offers high toughness at low temperatures and easy processing. A perfect candidate for metal replacement applications.

Main characteristics

High Mechanical Resistance

Carbon PA PRO is one of the highest mechanical performance 3D printing polymers in the entire industry. This is thanks to its high tensile strength (XY: 141 MPa and XZ: 171 MPa), which makes it a material comparable to aluminum and a valuable candidate for metal replacement in high load applications.

Chemical Resistance

The PA matrix is characterized by a high chemical resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons, greases, oils, halogenated hydrocarbons and is therefore widely used in the manufacturing industry and in motorsport.

New application opportunities

Carbon PA PRO offers the best performance in applications with high mechanical stress. From the production of aerodynamic parts for racing to structural components in aviation, from support frames in robotic production lines to tools such as centering devices and gripping fingers.


Would you like to know more? We have created for you a series of technical contents aimed at deepening the characteristics and solutions that this material can offer you.

  • -50% of costs + 80% of internalized production: the numbers of Roboze Metal Replacement!

    By implementing production with Roboze 3D printing and replacing steel equipment parts with Roboze's Carbon PA, Pieffe Serigrafia saved € 15,000.00 and internalized production by 80%, minimizing the waiting for supplies with values close to zero.
  • Pitot tube drilling jig 3D printed with Carbon PA PRO

    The production of customized tools with 3D printing, such as the Pitot tube drilling jig, is not only possible but also more competitive. Find out why.