3D Printed part with PABioBased


Bio-based PA

High performance with one of the lowest environmental impact on the FFF 3D printing market

Roboze high performance bio-based material filled with natural fibers for FFF 3D printing

With the same specification and performance, but with 60% lower CO2 emissions than a carbon fiber-reinforced petroleum-based PA, Roboze Bio-based PA will enable manufacturing companies to move closer to their sustainability goals and contribute to a positive future for the planet. It is ideal for tool and equipment manufacturing.

Main characteristics

Low hygroscopicity

Compared with classic PAs on the market, Roboze's Bio-based PA has a low aptitude to absorb moisture present in the air. This characteristic contributes to the mechanical and aesthetic quality of parts printed with Roboze systems.

Dimensional stability

The biological base reinforced with natural fibers allows to produce dimensionally stable components demonstrating a low risk of deformation during the printing process, respecting the tolerances designed in CAD.

Excellent mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of the parts printed with Roboze Bio-based PA enable applications where tensile stresses are expected in the order of 60 MPa. Exposed to ambient humidity, the material exhibits a negligible lowering of Young's modulus


Would you like to know more? We have created for you a series of technical contents aimed at deepening the characteristics and solutions that this material can offer you.

  • Manufacturing of star wheel conveyors using 3D printing and Roboze Bio-based PA

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