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The transportation sector is experiencing a time of profound change. The transition from fossil fuels to green solutions, the growing possibility of vehicle customization and the electrification of mobility create a constantly evolving market.

To keep up with innovation, it is necessary to work on new concepts and new experiments to solve the biggest challenges: efficiency, performance and CO2 emissions.

With the use of plastics and composite materials resistant to extreme conditions, efficiency is improved, reducing costs and producing just in time, supporting the companies that build the future of transportation every day.                        


  • High performance materials

    Reduce production times and costs through the use of high performance materials for metal replacement.

  • Customization

    Create new designs for more efficient solutions, pushing customization to the limit of what is possible.

  • Short lead time

    Print and test components reducing validation times, accelerating product development.

Suggested material

Carbon PEEK

Carbon PEEK

Carbon fiber reinforced composite material, with the most extraordinary characteristics in terms of mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance.


Discover how Roboze is supporting the widespread use of additive manufacturing in the transportation industry.

  • Busbar support: Roboze 3D Printing for the Electrical Mobility sector

    On Demand and Just in Time production of busbar supports in PEEK, a high performance super polymer available on Roboze 3D printing systems of the Production Series.

    Roboze 3D printers are capable to meet the needs of the sector with performing materials, high precision and unprecedented design freedom. Discover how to produce components with the Motorsport sector, with the advantages of Roboze technology.