Medical Devices

Technology and healthcare


Medical devices manufacturers are facing challenges and changes like never before in recent history.

Covid19 has shown how fragile supply chains can be and how medical research needs to be enhanced. At Roboze, we are committed to supporting manufacturers of medical devices and doctors in using our technology as their ally in the design, development and analysis phases of the medicine of the future.

Roboze technology allows to reduce supply times, speed up the development of new products and solutions thanks to performance and materials suitable for use in the healthcare sector.


  • Customized medicine

    Create customized parts, instruments and anatomical models for specific conditions on each patient.

  • Advanced Materials

    Choose from a variety of high-performance materials that conform to operating conditions.

  • Process optimization

    Coordinate and control the supply chain ensuring continuity of supply, avoiding risks related to the procurement of parts and tools.

Suggested material



Roboze PEEK is a bio-inert semi-crystalline polymer with high chemical resistance. Due to its high temperature properties and low water absorption level, PEEK can be subjected to autoclaving.


Discover how Roboze is supporting the widespread use of additive manufacturing for the procurement of medical devices.

  • The reliability of Roboze systems, one of the key factors to optimize time and resources

    New opportunities of redistributing human resources along the production chain thanks to the reliability of Roboze systems.
  • Planning and managing the supply chain: here's how

    On Demand and Just in time production, use of innovative technologies for leaner and more flexible processes, optimization of human resources and local production: these are some of the advantages of the Supply Chain digitalization. Discover how to evolve your business, download the free white paper.