Manufacturing Processes

Improve supply chain efficiency


The world of manufacturing is undergoing a drastic change, moving from mass production to customized production to meet consumer demands. This is why it is of vital importance to have suitable and customized tools to optimize the processes of each plant, taking advantage of the freedom of design and production offered by Roboze additive manufacturing systems. By combining these advantages with high performance materials and guaranteed repeatability of the printing process, it is possible to create tools, equipment and supports that are perfectly customized for every need.                        


  • Metal Replacement

    Reduce production times and costs, by replacing metals with super polymers

  • Customization at no cost

    Free and optimize the design of functional, custom toolings and just in time products

  • On demand production

    Reduce the components in your warehouse and produce them only on demand

Suggested material

Carbon PA PRO

Carbon PA PRO

The reinforcement of the semi-crystalline PA 6.10 plastic with 20% chopped carbon fibers results in a much stronger material than other solutions on the market.


Discover how Roboze is supporting companies in optimizing their production processes.

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